søndag 11. oktober 2020

How Did Chinese People React to Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis?

President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, tested positive for the coronavirus last week. The announcement was met with strong apprehension in the United States, with commentators fearing the presidential race was heading into “a state of grave uncertainty, if not chaos.”

In China, on the contrary, judging by tens of thousands of posts from netizens, a large number of Chinese are not only rejoicing over the “good” news, but they are even cursing Trump “to die early.”

“On hearing that President Trump is coronavirus positive, on watching him being rushed in Marine One helicopter to Walter Reed U.S. National Military Medical Center, and on hearing the news that Trump has a fever, cough and he is breathing with difficulty, a lot of people felt very happy. They are cursing Trump an early death. They are saying he is a scourge to our world,” wrote Li Guangman, a China-U.S. relations specialist, in his column on October 5.