fredag 30. oktober 2020

Hong Kong activist who sought US consulate help charged with secession

A Hong Kong court has denied bail to a 19-year-old activist who was arrested under the national security law while attempting to shelter inside the US consulate. Tony Chung is the only the second of at least 27 people arrested under the law to be charged, and now faces prosecution for alleged crimes of secession, money laundering and conspiracy to publish seditious material. The last charge falls under colonial-era criminal laws.

On Thursday morning, Chung appeared at West Kowloon magistrates court, where he was denied bail and held in remand ahead of his next scheduled court appearance on 7 January. Chung was detained on Tuesday morning at a coffee shop while he waited for the nearby US consulate to open. Friends of Hong Kong, a UK-based organisation which says it has been assisting Chung, said they spoke to him at around 8.10am, and then received a report from a bystander a few minutes later that he had been taken away by men appearing to be officers.