onsdag 7. oktober 2020

Coronavirus: Is the pandemic slowing down in India?

After six-and-a-half million cases, and more than 100,000 deaths, is the coronavirus pandemic slowing down in India?

Consider this. India has been recording an average of 64,000 cases daily so far this month, down from more than 86,000 daily cases in the last two weeks of September. It's also a steep drop from earlier in September, when daily cases averaged around 93,000. Daily deaths too have been declining in most states. But testing has remained consistent. More than 1.1 million samples have been tested daily on an average so far in October, up from 70,000 in August. Last month, 1.05 million samples, on an average, were tested daily.

So, on the face of it, it appears there has been a slowdown in case numbers. But epidemiologists I spoke with say the numbers should be interpreted with caution.