fredag 2. oktober 2020

China is on the verge of an end to absolute poverty. Now for the really hard part

Jifu Jifuzi was living in an isolated village on a mountain cliff in southwestern China just as other members of the Yi ethnic minority had done for generations. The remote location in Sichuan province originally helped the community to avoid conflicts but ultimately it meant they were left behind as China modernised. The family – Jifu, his wife and three adult children – were living in a mud house with a fire in the centre of the room and their chickens and pigs next to their home. When it rained, the roof leaked and mountain roads were too muddy to go anywhere.

But things started to improve rapidly in 2018, after Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture – one of the poorest parts of the country – and called on cadres to speed up poverty alleviation efforts.