lørdag 31. oktober 2020

Anxiety in Taiwan as ‘angry’ China’s sabre-rattling grows louder

The tank traps on the beaches of Quemoy are a stark reminder that Taiwan lives under the constant threat of a Chinese invasion – and fears of a conflict breaking out are now at their highest in decade. 

Democratic Taiwan has learned to live with the warnings of Beijing’s authoritarian leaders that they are ready and willing to seize a place it views as part of its territory. But that background static has reached hard-to-ignore levels recently with China’s jets now crossing into Taiwan’s defence zone at an unprecedented rate and the People’s Liberation Army releasing propaganda simulating an invasion of the island – and even an attack on US bases in Guam. Not since the mid-1990s, when China fired missiles into the Taiwan Strait during a moment of heightened tension, has the sabre-rattling been so loud.