tirsdag 20. oktober 2020

Anne-Marie Brady: "Holding a Pen in One Hand, Gripping a Gun in the Other"

New Zealand receives significant economic benefits from the China relationship, but it also brings serious national security concerns. The New Zealand government has publicly acknowledged that China’s Ministry of State Security (along with Russian military intelligence, and North Korean-organizations) has launched malicious cyber activity against New Zealand on numerous occasions.

What the New Zealand government does not publicly state, but which cyber experts confirm: China is the main source of nationstate cyber attacks against New Zealand. The 2019 cyber attack on health providers in the wider Wellington region, which affected more than a million New Zealanders, demonstrated that the cyber risk to the New Zealand government is about more than state secrets.20 China was the chief suspect in the attack. The private information available on health files could be used by China to blackmail prominent individuals. It could also be used to establish a profile on people in Wellington who have security clearance, to determine their personal habits, health weaknesses, home addresses and phone numbers.