tirsdag 15. september 2020

US State Department tells Americans to reconsider travel to Hong Kong

The United States on Monday urged citizens to “reconsider travel” to Hong Kong, citing an environment in which the central Chinese government “unilaterally and arbitrarily exercises police and security power” in the semi-autonomous city. New guidance released by the State Department supersedes a June notice that suggested US citizens travelling to Hong Kong only “exercise increased caution” because of the coronavirus as well as civil unrest there.

Since then, however, concerns in Washington about arbitrary law enforcement have deepened, after Beijing’s imposition in July of a national security law that criminalised a broad range of behaviours under the categories of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign powers. The new law has been invoked in a number of recent high-profile arrests in Hong Kong, including the owner of a tabloid-style newspaper. Authorities have also cited the law in their pursuit of several people living outside of Hong Kong, including at least one US citizen.