søndag 6. september 2020

US Clamps Down on Chinese Diplomatic Exchanges as Students' Visas Revoked

The State Department is tightening restrictions on Chinese government-backed activities on U.S. soil, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calling on universities to end the practice of having Confucius Institutes, cultural and language-teaching centers funded and run by Beijing, embedded on their campuses by the end of the year.

As Pompeo detailed new restrictions on Chinese state-sponsored activities in the U.S., the University of North Texas revoked the visas of around 15 several publicly funded students from China. Pompeo told the Fox Business Network on Sept. 1 that the Chinese government was funding Confucius Institutes and recruiting spies on American university campuses. "I think everyone’s coming to see the risk associated with them,” Pompeo told the network. "I think these institutions can see that, and I’m hopeful we will get them all closed out before the end of this year," Pompeo said.