fredag 4. september 2020

Pentagon says parts of China’s PLA have overtaken US military

China has strengthened and modernized its military capabilities in recent years to the point where its People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is “already ahead of the United States” in some areas, the Pentagon said in a report to Congress published on Wednesday.

China now has the world’s largest navy, with an overall battle force of around 350 ships and submarines compared with the U.S.’s 293 ships, the report said. Its ruling Chinese Communist Party now commands more than 1,250 ground launched ballistic missiles (GLBMs) and ground-launched cruise missiles (GLCMs) with ranges between 500 and 5,500 kilometers, while the U.S.’ arsenal contains GLBM with ranges of up to 300 kilometers and no GLCMs, it said. China also boasts one of the world’s biggest advanced long range surface-to-air defense systems, the report found.