fredag 4. september 2020

Mongolian Schools Stay Empty Amid Ongoing Protests as Chinese Police Seek 'Troublemakers'

Schools and classrooms remained largely empty across the northern Chinese region of Inner Mongolia on Thursday, amid an ongoing civil disobedience movement protesting plans to end Mongolian-medium teaching in the region's schools. Police began a region-wide operation seeking the leaders of protests and the organizers of school boycotts among the region's 4.2 million ethnic Mongolians.

Police in Xing'an League and Ulanhot city were meanwhile out looking for school-age ethnic Mongolian children to force them back into school. Japan-based ethnic Mongolian scholar Khubis said high-school students in Shiliin-Gol League had begun a hunger strike over the plan to end first-grade classes in the Mongolian language.“Four students in the third grade of a Mongolian-medium high school in Xilin Gol went on hunger strike [on Sept. 1] to protest the new Chinese language education policy," Khubis told RFA. "More than 300 ethnic Mongolian employees of the state-run Inner Mongolia Radio Station signed a petition saying that they could not accept the new Chinese-medium education policy," he said.