torsdag 24. september 2020

Japan is a 'democracy without women', says ruling party MP

A prominent member of Japan’s ruling party has described the country’s politics as “democracy without women”, days after the new prime minister appointed just two female MPs to his cabinet. Tomomi Inada, a former defence minister from the governing Liberal Democratic party (LDP), added her voice to criticism of Japan’s poor record on gender equality, directing most of her anger at her own party. “Women make up half of Japan’s population and 40% of the LDP grassroots membership,” she said on Wednesday. “If women do not have a place to discuss policies they want enacted, Japan’s democracy cannot help but be biased.”

During the campaign for leader of the LDP – who is practically assured of becoming prime minister due to its dominance in parliament – a group of female MPs submitted recommendations to the eventual winner, Yoshihide Suga, and his two male rivals on female representation in the cabinet and on the party’s executive.