torsdag 24. september 2020

Heroes in Harm's Way: Covid-19 show sparks sexism debate in China

A highly anticipated drama about Covid-19 has come under fierce criticism for downplaying the role of women during China's epidemic fight. "Heroes in Harm's Way" premiered on China's flagship TV channel, CCTV-1, on 17 September. It aired during primetime, and promised to be the first TV drama "based on real life stories" about front-line workers in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, the site of the first coronavirus outbreak.

The title of the show implied that it was going to highlight the major contributions women had made in China's epidemic fight. Women account for the majority of China's front-line workers. However, the show's pilot, released with much fanfare and publicity, was panned on China's IMDB-like website, Douban. Film critics noted that it scored an embarrassing 2.4 out of 10, and it received many critical comments, mainly about its depiction of women, before they were suddenly suspended on the site.