søndag 27. september 2020

Chinese fishing flotilla nears Peruvian waters, prompting US-Beijing spat

A huge fishing armada of Chinese vessels has moved south from the Galápagos Islands towards Peru’s territorial waters, dragging the South American country into a diplomatic Twitter row between Washington and Beijing. Earlier this week, the US embassy in Lima tweeted a warning in Spanish that “more than 300 Chinese-flagged vessels with a record of changing boat names and deactivating GPS trackers” were heading towards Peru. “Overfishing can cause huge ecological and economic damage. Peru cannot afford such a loss,” it said.

China’s embassy retorted with its own tweet, insisting that its deep-water fishing fleet respected international law and “strictly obeyed Peruvian laws and limited itself to operating in the high seas”. “We hope the Peruvian public won’t be fooled by false information,” it said.