torsdag 24. september 2020

As Australia Recognizes a China Problem Its Civil Society Joins the Fight

Recent developments demonstrate Australia’s growing seriousness in combating Chinese influence and interference operations in the country amid a sharp downturn in Australia-China relations. Australia’s move to crack down on China’s use of academics and journalists to covertly promote Chinese Communist Party (CCP) positions is being watched intently across the Indo-Pacific as several other countries in the region grapple with similar challenges.

The latest salvo from Canberra in this direction comes in form of its recent decision to revoke the visas of two Chinese scholars, Chen Hong and Li Jianjun, on national-security grounds. Reporting this as part of a larger investigation on Chinese interference operations in Australia, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) claimed on September 9 that it had “uncovered the identities of senior Chinese journalists and academics who have been drawn into the joint investigation by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Australian Security Intelligence Organization (ASIO).”