mandag 7. september 2020

Almost 300 arrests as Hong Kong protesters oppose election delay

On what was supposed to have been Hong Kong’s election day, hundreds of pro-democracy protesters took to the streets on Sunday, where they encountered a heavy presence from police, who fired pepper pellets and arrested almost 300 people. It was one of the largest gatherings of protesters since China’s implementation of a sweeping set of anti-sedition laws that a coalition of United Nations expert groups has said risks breaching multiple international laws and human rights.

In July the Hong Kong government announced it was postponing the legislative council election for one year because of the dangers posed by a new outbreak of the coronavirus in the city. However, the decision was derided by pro-democracy figures and opposition politicians, who accused the government of using the pandemic to delay an election it could potentially lose. The decision came amid a continuing crackdown on dissent, including mass arrests of pro-democracy figures, police raids on newsrooms and a chilling effect on educators, the media, academics and politicians.