lørdag 22. august 2020

Why is China clamping down on eating influencers?

It all started with a comment by President Xi Jinping, who called on everyone to "fight against food waste". Food shortages are a rising concern for China, with the continuing trade war with the United States and mass flooding hitting crop growth last month.

The 'Clean Plate' campaign" was launched after Mr Xi who also said that Covid-19 had "sounded the alarm" on food waste.He added that China had to "maintain a sense of crisis about food security". And the state-run media channels quickly sprung into action. The news network CCTV made critical reports about mukbangers, drawing attention to those that consumed mountains of food while livestreaming.Image captionWarning messages have started appearing over eating-show videos

And, shortly afterwards, the social-media companies took action. Anyone searching for terms such as "eating show" or "eating livestream" is now being served with warning notices.