lørdag 1. august 2020

WHO leader is stuck between feuding China and US. It's a situation 'rock star' Tedros has spent his life preparing for

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus was watching late-night television when he saw a hospital boss criticizing him and Ethiopia's Health Ministry, which he was leading at the time, for doing a terrible job. Instead of responding with a furious diatribe, as some political leaders might when watching their detractors on TV, he contacted the man, Dr. Kesete Admasu.

"Tedros called him in and said, well, if you have ideas and you're critical get in here and help us fix it, and made him Deputy Minister, which gives you a sense of his leadership style in bringing in the smartest and the best and empowering them," United States diplomat Mark Dybul, a professor at the Georgetown UniversityMedical Center and co-director of the Center for Global Health Practice and Impact, told CNN. "He took one of the worst ministries of health in the world, transformed it into one of the best, had to make very difficult political and health decisions and moves to make that happen," Dybul said.