tirsdag 25. august 2020

Trump or Biden, which candidate does China want in the White House?

US President Donald Trump recently claimed that if his Democratic rival Joe Biden wins this November's presidential election, China will "own" the United States and Americans will have to learn to speak Chinese. The suggestion that Democrats are soft on China is a reoccurring policy theme that the President has returned to throughout his four years in office. Now, as Trump prepares to take on Biden in a bid to secure a second term, his administration is once again amping up the anti-China rhetoric.

Ahead of this week's Republican National Convention, Trump's campaign announced its second term agenda. The short document sets out 10 core priorities. Near the top of the agenda is "End our reliance on China," listed right after "Jobs" and "Eradicate Covid-19." The campaign said it plans to bring back 1 million manufacturing jobs from China and hold the country "fully accountable for allowing the virus to spread around the world."