onsdag 19. august 2020

Taiwan announces ban on Chinese streaming services Tencent and iQiyi

Taiwan is preparing to ban iQiyi (IQ) and Tencent (TCEHY)from operating streaming video services on the island, the latest in a series of movesby governments around the world against Chinese tech giants. Tencent Video and iQiyi have been "operating illegally" in Taiwan by partnering with local broadcasters and distributors to provide their video content through streaming services, according to a government notice published online Tuesday. 

To put a stop to that, Taiwan's National Communications Commission announced new rules that would prohibit Taiwanese individuals and companies from providing services to mainland Chinese streaming operators and distributing their content, according to the notice. The regulator's decision is provisional pending a 14-day public comment period. The rules are set to take effect on September 3. Tencent declined to comment, while iQiyi did not immediately respond to questions from CNN Business.