torsdag 13. august 2020

Jimmy Lai says swift arrest points to 'great disorder' between Hong Kong and China police

Jimmy Lai has said he was surprised to be arrested so quickly, and suggested there was “great disorder” among Chinese and Hong Kong authorities about how to handle the territory’s national security law. The 71-year-old media tycoon and prominent pro-democracy figure was arrested on Monday, on suspicion of committing foreign collusion crimes in breach of Beijing’s national security law, and conspiracy to defraud.

Nine others were also arrested, including his two sons and four senior executives at his company Next Digital Media, the publisher of Apple Daily, Hong Kong’s largest daily tabloid. Separately, Agnes Chow, a young pro-democracy activist, was also arrested on foreign collusion accusations. In his weekly live stream from Apple Daily, Lai said on Thursday that he had expected to be arrested under the laws, which came into force on 30 June, but was surprised it had happened so quickly while the world’s attention was still on Hong Kong.