søndag 2. august 2020

Hong Kong is setting up a postponed election without a real opposition

Hong Kong's decision to bar 12 pro-democracy candidates from standing in now postponed elections has raised serious concerns over whether genuine political opposition will be tolerated in the city following the imposition of a new security law by Beijing. A special administrative region (SAR) of China, Hong Kong has a partially-autonomous political and legal system, including a limited form of democracy evolved from its days under British colonial rule.

Those limits and the inability of the government to continue a transition to full democracy have long been criticized by the city's opposition, and sparked mass protest movements.  And certainly, there is a lot to take issue with. The city's leader is selected by a tiny committee drawn mostly from Hong Kong's elite. Half of the legislature is made up of functional constituencies, representing not voters but business and special interest groups. And the city's government is staffed not by elected officials, but career bureaucrats.