fredag 28. august 2020

Chinese dissident brought to US by Obama administration praises Trump at RNC

A Chinese human rights activist brought to the United States by the Obama administration appeared at the Republican National Convention Wednesday, where he praised President Donald Trump. Chen Guangcheng, known for his work fighting against forced abortions under China's one child policy, faced years of harassment by the authorities before he fled to the US Embassy in Beijing in April 2012, ahead of a visit by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Following a month of tense negotiations, Chen was eventually permitted to leave China and fly to the US, where he has lived ever since.

While he expressed gratitude at the time, Chen has emerged as a frequent and fierce critic of the Obama administration and Democratic politics in general -- with critics accusing him of espousing ring-wing views and conspiracy theories. Ahead of his speech at the RNC, he tweeted a video of a pro-Trump demonstrator defacing a Black Lives Matter display in New York, with the caption "freedom."