tirsdag 11. august 2020

Apple Daily prints half a million copies in defiance of founder Jimmy Lai's arrest in Hong Kong

Hong Kong pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily has increased its production and vowed to keep operating after police raided its headquarters and arrested its founder, Jimmy Lai, on Monday. In a statement on its verified Facebook page, the publication said it produced 550,000 copies on Tuesday — up from its normal circulation of about 70,000. In a post Monday, it urged people in Hong Kong to buy the paper and show their support, a message seemingly heeded by many people who were seen lining up for copies. 

Shares of Next Digital, the newspaper's parent company, have skyrocketed more than 1,100% in Hong Kong this week, albeit to the equivalent of about 14 US cents — another sign of support among locals. Lai was arrested Monday on suspicion of "colluding" with foreign forces, according to local police. The offense was created by a new national security law imposed on the city by Beijing last month.