søndag 19. juli 2020

Team Biden’s Policies on China and Taiwan

In a previous article on The Diplomat, I reviewed former United States Vice President Joe Biden’s past position on Taiwan-related issues. Decades of experience in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee made Biden one of the core foreign policy advisers to President Barack Obama. As a U.S. presidential hopeful, Biden, despite being a foreign policy hand himself, still needs assistance from other advisers. Biden’s current lead in the polls makes it more imperative for political analysts to examine the potential composition of his shadow foreign policy team and the positions its members take on various issues.

It is even more interesting for us to have a closer look into the national security talent behind Biden as we may be witnessing a new remaking of the former vice president’s image when it comes to China. Biden has long been featured as a champion of the U.S. engagement policy with China and strategic ambiguity on Taiwan. Commenting on President Donald Trump’s trade war against China last May, Biden questioned if China is going to “eat our lunch” and asserted that China is “not competition for us.”