onsdag 8. juli 2020

'Our spirit will never be crushed': Hong Kong activists vow to keep fighting despite new laws

For Joshua Wong, Lee Cheuk-yan and James To – three of Hong Kong’s highest profile pro-democracy activists – the possibility of going to jail in China has never been more real. The national security law passed in Beijing and enacted in Hong Kong on 1 July appears to be tailor-made for them in many ways.

In less than a week Hong Kong’s atmosphere has changed dramatically. People have been arrested for possessing materials deemed “subversive”. Colourful “Lennon walls” with pro-democracy messages have been torn down or replaced by blank notes after police warnings. Political groups have disbanded. Authorities have ordered schools to remove books that might “endanger” national security while public libraries have pulled sensitive books. Police no longer need search warrants for national security cases. A hotel in Hong Kong’s Causeway Bay has been turned into the national security office and opened on Wednesday.