torsdag 30. juli 2020

Lee Teng-hui, Taiwan's 'father of democracy', dies aged 97

Lee Teng-hui, known as Taiwan’s “father of democracy” and its first popularly elected president, has died, according to a statement from his family. Lee, who oversaw Taiwan’s transition from martial law to one of the most vibrant democracies in Asia, died of septic shock and multiple organ failure at Taipei Veterans general hospital on Thursday evening. He had been in hospital for more than five months after choking while drinking milk and later contracting pneumonia. He was 97 years old.

Lee served as president between 1988 to 2000, overseeing the end of authoritarian rule under his party, the Nationalist party, which had taken over Taiwan after fleeing from mainland China in 1949 following defeat in the civil war by the Chinese Communist party. A statement from the office of the current president, Tsai Ing-wen, said: “President Lee’s contribution to Taiwan’s democratic journey is irreplaceable and his death is a great loss for the country.”