fredag 3. juli 2020

How the national security law is bringing China's authoritarian legal system to Hong Kong

When Beijing announced it would impose a national security law on Hong Kong six weeks ago, many people feared the legislation could extend China's authoritarian reach over the semi-autonomous city and undermine its cherished rule of law. Some Hong Kong officials tried to allay those concerns, despite admitting they had not yet seen a draft of the law -- which was written behind closed doors in Beijing. With the full text of the law finally available for dissection, however, a number of legal experts have found their worst fears confirmed.

"(It's) even worse than the worst-case scenario I had expected," Eric Cheung, a legal scholar at the University of Hong Kong, said on Facebook hours after the law was released late Monday, adding the legislation was "full of features of China's socialist legal system, and is poles apart from the spirit and the legal language of Hong Kong's common law."