fredag 31. juli 2020

Hong Kong Crisis: How Far Will China Go?

On May 21, the day before the National People’s Congress (NPC) was to meet, the Chinese government suddenly announced that it would consider a draft of a national security law for Hong Kong. The announcement shocked the world. On May 28, the NPC adopted the draft. The NPC Standing Committee, which was authorized to pass the law, held two sessions in late June. Normally, the committee holds one session every two months and it takes three sessions to enact a law. Yet this time the committee completed the process in just two sessions held in quick succession. The law was passed on June 30 and went into force the same day.

This represented astonishing speed, although it was not entirely without precedent. When it comes to the politics of Hong Kong, the government has repeatedly accelerated processes when strong objections to unpopular policies were raised.