lørdag 20. juni 2020

What's been happening in China's Xinjiang, home to 11 million Uyghurs?

As US President Donald Trump signed a bill into law Wednesday that aims to punish Beijing for its repression of the Uyghur ethnic minority, he was accused by his former national security adviser of endorsing China's construction of internment camps in its western region of Xinjiang.

According to an excerpt from John Bolton's forthcoming book published in The Wall Street Journal, Trump told Chinese President Xi Jinping over dinner last year that Xi should "go ahead with building the camps," which Trump thought was "exactly the right thing to do." Trump's alleged remarks are in stark contrast to the official position advocated by his administration, which has repeatedly challenged Beijing over it repressive policies in Xinjiang.

Last July, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo went so far as to publicly label China's treatment of Uyghurs as the "stain of the century." Here's what you need to know about Xinjiang and what's been going on there.