lørdag 27. juni 2020

The EU-China courtship is flagging. More action and less talk, from Beijing, can rekindle the relationship

It’s difficult to be sure, but it seems that Europe and China are in the process of wooing each other. If this is so, it so far seems a joyless courtship, as both have been jilted by the feckless Lothario in the room and forced to think about second-best choices.

But, as with so many arranged marriages around the world, it may be that pragmatism and low expectations can forge a practical, enduring relationship that might over time amount to something. As European Union foreign policy head Josep Borrell noted this month, despite their many differences, China remains an “indispensable partner” to Europe.

The EU is China’s most important export market while China is EU’s second-largest export market, second only to the US, and the source of most export growth. Joerg Wuttke, president of the European Chamber in China, says he expects the country to account for over 30 per cent of global growth over the next decade.