lørdag 20. juni 2020

Tencent is building a Monaco-sized 'city of the future' in Shenzhen

Technology giant Tencent has unveiled plans for an almost entirely car-free "city of the future," equivalent in size to Monaco, in the Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen. Dubbed "Net City," the 2-million-square-meter (22-million-square-foot) urban development will prioritize pedestrians, green spaces and self-driving vehicles, according to its designers.The ambitious city-within-a-city is set to occupy a stretch of reclaimed land jutting out into the Pearl River estuary. Designed to accommodate a population of some 80,000 people, the site will primarily serve Tencent, the conglomerate behind WeChat and China's popular QQ messaging service.

But as well as providing company residences and offices, the neighborhood is expected to host shops, schools and other public amenities, and will be connected to the rest of Shenzhen via road bridges, ferries and the city's subway system. The American firm behind the master plan, NBBJ, hopes that the new district's entertainment venues, parks and waterside promenade will attract visitors from elsewhere in the city.