torsdag 18. juni 2020

Russia accuses leading Arctic researcher of spying for China

Russia has accused one of its leading Arctic researchers of treason, alleging that he gave sensitive information to China. This is the latest in a string of cases where high-profile Russian scientists have found themselves in a standoff with the security services over suspected foreign contacts. Investigators allege that Valery Mitko, President of Arctic Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg, gave a document containing state secrets to Chinese intelligence in early 2018 at China's Dalian Maritime University, where he was a visiting professor, his lawyer Ivan Pavlov told CNN.

According to Pavlov, the document in question dealt with hydroacoustics,the study of sound in water commonly applied in underwater navigation, communications and monitoring submarine activity, among other things. Mitko, 78, denies any wrongdoing. His lawyer maintains that all information the scientist brought from Russia to China for his lectures was openly available. The press service of the Federal Security Service did not respond to a request for comment.