lørdag 20. juni 2020

Mike Pompeo blasts China's 'coercion' of Australia as cyber-attack likened to Parliament House hack

The US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, has said he raised China’s “coercion” of Australia during a frank, six-hour meeting with China’s top diplomat in Hawaii. It comes as experts say some of the same computer code and tactics used in cyber-attacks revealed by the Australia prime minister, Scott Morrison, on Friday were also used in a February 2019 hack into Parliament House, which was also blamed on China.

Pompeo said he confronted Yang Jiechi with a list of China’s actions around the globe, including hitting Australia with steep barley tariffs and banning beef exports from four abattoirs after Morrison “had the audacity” to lead global calls for a Covid-19 probe.Pompeo said he told Yang in Honolulu on Wednesday the US was no longer just listening to what China was saying but was watching its actions. “We can see their actions,” said Pompeo, speaking at the virtual Copenhagen Democracy Summit on Friday.