mandag 8. juni 2020

He Criticized the CCP, Now His Australian University Wants to Expel Him

Drew Pavlou may well be the most famous undergraduate student in the world. After he protested the CCP’s human rights violations in Hong Kong, Tibet, and Xinjiang, University of Queensland moved to expel him. Coming in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and international reaction against Chinese infiltrations in the West, his case became a cause célèbre, and was covered inter alia by The Washington Post and Foreign Policy.

Not for the first time, the CCP’s bullying strategy backfired. Brisbane-based University of Queensland, the fifth largest in Australia and one reputed for academic excellence, is also under heavy criticism. The whole incident is lifting the veil on how the CCP tries to control universities internationally, inter alia through the Confucius Institutes, on-campus centers teaching Chinese language and culture that have been widely exposed as propaganda and espionage outlets. Now, Drew Pavlou reveals to Bitter Winter some previously unknown details of what really happened.