onsdag 10. juni 2020

Future of political art in Hong Kong uncertain as Beijing tightens grip

Few in Hong Kong will forget the iconic "Lady Liberty" -- a towering white statue depicting a protester in goggles and a gas mask striding through a plume of sculpted tear gas. The crowd-sourced design was inspired by female protesters, in particular a young woman, believed to be a first aider, who was allegedly shot by police in the eye with a beanbag round during a pro-democracy demonstration last year. 

The work appeared at several rallies, but then its creators sought greater visibility: a location where the 4-meter-high (13 feet) artwork could perch as a mark of defiance.  So, during a hot and rainy night last October, a team of volunteers and professional climbers hauled the statue, which weighed 80-kilograms (176-pounds) without its base, up a steep mountain in parts: Eight people on the legs, another eight on the upper torso and head, two on the umbrella, three on the flag pole and additional helpers to direct the team up the intrepid and uneven course.