søndag 14. juni 2020

As it deals with China rivalry, the US must show it can still be trusted to stand by its allies in Asia

The US-China clash over Hong Kong's national security law is another escalation in the intensifying rivalry between the two titans: the discord over fundamental values and ways of life, not just geopolitical influence. It is increasingly clear that they are locked in a long-term rivalry. And Washington has to decide whether it wants to go it alone or with its allies and partners.

The answer, of course, is obvious. But the US needs to reinstate its leadership in the Indo-Pacific theatre. How the Trump administration will follow up on Hong Kong will be keenly watched not just by Beijing, but also the wider audience in Asia who are in close proximity to the Chinese sphere of influence.

President Donald Trump said his administration would “begin the process” of revoking the US government’s preferential treatment of Hong Kong, including in trade. But, having issued a tough response, the US risks then being weak with its follow-up.