tirsdag 30. juni 2020

As coronavirus spikes in US, China locks down 400,000 people ... over 18 cases

As the number of people killed by the coronavirus passes 500,000 worldwide, China isn't taking any chances of a second wave gripping the country -- despite having largely contained its outbreak in recent months. NIn stark contrast to the relaxing of restrictions amid spiking infection rates in the United States and parts of Europe, about 400,000 people have been placed under strict lockdown in Anxin county, in the central province of Hebei, near Beijing, after just 18 fresh cases were detected.
Officials announced in a statement Sunday that "all villages, communities and buildings will be fully closed" in Anxin. Families are only permitted to send one person per household outside to purchase supplies once a day -- and all outside vehicles are banned.

Anxin lies around 150 kilometers (90 miles) south of Beijing, where a small outbreak this month was met with "wartime" measures.