lørdag 16. mai 2020

US pushes for new crackdown on Huawei, raising concerns of retaliation against American companies

The US Commerce Department said Friday it is moving to restrict Huawei’s ability to manufacture and obtain semiconductor chips using American-made software and technology, which could cut the company off from a key component from its suppliers. The move reflects the Trump administration's latest effort to crack down on the Chinese technology giant, which has come under strict scrutiny from US national security officials. It also risks further heightening tensions between the United States and China at an already tense moment, with the potential for retaliation against American businesses.

The decision will require companies that make Huawei's chips using US-made equipment to seek a license from the US government, a senior Commerce Department official told reporters on a conference call Friday morning. In making its announcement, the Commerce Department accused Huawei of trying to circumvent an agency blacklist known as the Entity List, of which Huawei is a member, and which imposes restrictions on US trade with the company.