mandag 11. mai 2020

Twitter disputes State Department claims China coordinated coronavirus disinformation accounts

Twitter pushed back on an assertion from the US State Department Friday that it was "highly probable" that the Chinese government coordinated networks of Twitter accounts to disseminate disinformation related to the coronavirus outbreak, saying their initial review of the accounts in question does not support the government's claims. 

Lea Gabrielle, head of the State Department's Global Engagement Center (GEC) -- which works to coordinate efforts to expose foreign disinformation and propaganda -- said the US "has uncovered a new network of inauthentic Twitter accounts, which we assess were created with the intent to amplify Chinese propaganda and disinformation."

However, an initial review from Twitter of more than 5,000 accounts turned over to them by the State Department cast doubt on the claims. According to Twitter, they have instead found that numerous accounts belong to government entities, nongovernmental organizations, and journalists. The review was ongoing, the company said, noting that it planned to follow up with the GEC on its findings.