onsdag 20. mai 2020

President Xi’s Taiwan problem isn’t going away

Chinese President Xi Jinping took center stage Monday. Over a video feed, he delivered the opening speech at an annual meeting held by the World Health Organization, casting his nation as an exemplar of “transparency” during the pandemic and a champion of the developing world. Xi announced a $2 billion commitment to the international fight against the novel coronavirus, including funding to help reinforce health infrastructure in Africa.

That move drew an immediate contrast to President Trump, whose administration has frozen funding to the WHO amid its ongoing squabbles with the U.N. agency over its initial handling of the outbreak and supposed acquiescence to China.
Xi had other reasons to pat himself on the back. Ahead of the meeting, there were mounting calls from various countries, including the United States, for an investigation into the origins of the outbreak, centered on the Chinese city of Wuhan. But as global support for an inquiry grew, its focus shifted in Xi’s favor. “Drafts of the proposed resolution showed a focus on international collaboration to manage the pandemic, with relatively limited emphasis on questioning its source,” my colleagues Gerry Shih, Emily Rauhala and Josh Dawsey reported.