torsdag 21. mai 2020

In Asia, children are going back to school. But education in the time of coronavirus is not without difficulties

For the first time in three months, South Korean high school students are back in the classroom.
But in many ways, it's not schooling as usual. As high school seniors returned to school Wednesday, they had their temperatures checked, wore masks on campus, and sat at desks that were spaced apart, in line with commonplace social distancing practices.

However, within hours of reopening, dozens of schools in Incheon, a city near the capital Seoul, were forced to shut again after two students tested positive for coronavirus. South Korea -- which has reported more than 11,100 coronavirus cases and 264 deaths -- appears to have its outbreak largely under control. Now, the country is trying to get back to something approaching normal life.
But South Korea's experience shows that reopening schools doesn't mean a return to normal -- and carries continued risks.