torsdag 21. mai 2020

Hongkongers urged to find their own way to mark Tiananmen

Organisers of Hong Kong’s Tiananmen Square vigil have urged people to “be water” and find their own ways to hold commemorations after coronavirus bans on gatherings were extended. The annual event marking the 1989 brutal crackdown by the Chinese army on protesters is traditionally the largest and only authorised commemoration of the massacre anywhere in China.

However on Tuesday Hong Kong authorities extended until 4 June physical distancing laws limiting public gatherings to eight people, while relaxing other restrictions. Hong Kong police have cited the extension in refusing permission for a march on 4 June, and organisers expect refusal for the evening vigil. Lee Cheuk-Yan, chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, said the decision to extend the limits was “clearly a political one”, telling the Guardian: “When you allow schools to reopen on May 27, when you allow religious gatherings to resume, when you allow even swimming pools to open and business activity will soon all reopen, but then you just ban gatherings?