mandag 11. mai 2020

Coronavirus: why Asia will win the race to economic recovery

Everyone is looking forward to getting back to normal. When we all emerge from the lockdowns and social restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic, there will certainly be pent-up frustration waiting to be released. We look forward to returning to our favourite restaurants, going down to the pub, and getting back to work – all of which will help us recover economically and mentally.

Economists have been discussing, or guessing, what the global recovery will look like. In economist speak, the recovery from a recession is described in terms of shapes. Optimists see a “V”-shaped snapback from the Covid-19 disruption. In this scenario, we will very quickly return to where we were six months ago. However, the number of optimists is dwindling fast, as the crisis is turning out to be more drawn-out than they originally expected.