onsdag 13. mai 2020

Coronavirus: US-China blame game prompts Beijing hawks to ramp up criticism of phase one trade deal

Hours after top negotiators finished up their first teleconference since the US-China phase one trade deal was signed in January, a blog thought to have ties to officials in Beijing published an aggressive attack on Washington’s perceived muddying of the agreement with the row over coronavirus.

“Everyone with a discerning eye can see that there is a clear logic behind these actions,” read a post on Friday on Taoran Notes, a WeChat account affiliated with the official Economic Daily newspaper, which was closely followed through more than a dozen rounds of  US-China trade talks for the inside line from China’s negotiating team.

“Some people in the United States insist that ‘the election situation is greater than the epidemic situation’, and the political interests of the minority are placed above the lives of the majority. Essentially, this is a disregard for life.”

A few days later, the Global Times – a tabloid newspaper published by the People's Daily, the Communist Party's mouthpiece – published an English language-only article saying “sources close to the Chinese government” and “a former Chinese trade official” were “calling for new negotiations and a tit-for-tat approach on spiralling trade issues”.