torsdag 28. mai 2020

Chinese parliament approves controversial Hong Kong security law

China’s legislature has approved a decision to force a controversial national security law on Hong Kong, in an extraordinary and unprecedented move aimed at bringing the semi-autonomous territory further under Beijing’s control. On Thursday, China’s National People’s Congress voted on a decision that paves the way for sweeping anti-sedition laws to be directly enacted in Hong Kong.

The law, aimed at stamping out protests that have racked Hong Kong for the past year, would bar subversion, separatism, “acts of foreign interference” and terrorism, charges often used in mainland China to silence dissidents and other political opponents.

The legislation, which has been described as a “death knell” for Hong Kong, would also allow Beijing’s security forces to operate in the city.The move has prompted widespread condemnation and anxiety inside and outside Hong Kong about Beijing’s plans for the city, where similar legislation was shelved in 2003 because of widespread public opposition. Critics worry it will be used against critics of the government.