lørdag 2. mai 2020

China's New ‘Ethnic Unity Law’ is Seen as Effort to Sinicize Tibetan Culture

A Chinese law mandating “ethnic unity” in state and social institutions in Tibet took effect on Friday, raising concerns among Tibetans and outside observers who say the new law will further undermine Tibetan identity, already weakened by decades of ethnic Han Chinese migration into the region. Titled “Regulations on the Establishment of a Model Area for Ethnic Unity and Progress in the Tibet Autonomous Region,” the new law requires equal participation by non-Tibetan ethnic groups at all levels of government and in schools, private business companies, religious centers, and the military.

In an April 30 statement, the Washington-based International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) said the law’s new regulations “explicitly depart from the principle of ‘preferential treatment’ for Tibetans, which was supposed to guarantee that Tibetans could maintain their culture and traditional way of life in their own homeland.”