onsdag 13. mai 2020

Australia-China trade tensions raise fears over future of agricultural exports

The National Farmers’ Federation has raised fears of disruptions to agricultural trade between Australia and China amid growing trade tensions. It follows China imposing a ban on beef supplied by four Australian abattoirs and Beijing’s proposal to impose crippling tariffs on barley imports.

The National Farmers’ Federation said it was concerned about disruptions to agricultural trade, noting that China was an important market for Australian products including wool, cotton, grain, dairy, seafood and horticulture. Its president, Fiona Simson, said both parties should work together to resolve their differences as soon as possible.“Two-thirds of Australia’s farm production is exported. Almost one-third of this, 28%, is exported to China, including 18% of our total beef production and 49% of our barley.

“We recognise in relationships as significant as that between Australia and China, from time to time, issues do arise. When they do it is important that both parties work together in a respectful manner to, as soon as possible, resolve the challenge, to an end that is satisfactory to both.”