tirsdag 28. april 2020

Where is Kim Jong-un? Why the whereabouts of North Korean leader remain a mystery

Kim Jong-un has not been seen in public for more than two weeks, yet the world has few clues as to the North Korean leader’s whereabouts or the state of his health. Even Donald Trump, arguably the one person outside North Korea who might have been expected to shed light on the mystery surrounding his “friend”, did little to end the speculation on Monday when he claimed to have a “very good idea” about how Kim was faring.

“I can’t tell you exactly,” Trump told reporters at the White House. “Yes, I do have a very good idea, but I can’t talk about it now. I just wish him well.” Trump, who has met Kim three times and claims to have developed a personal rapport, suggested that all would be revealed soon. “I hope he’s fine. I do know how he’s doing, relatively speaking. We will see – you’ll probably be hearing in the not too distant future.”

Trump’s ambiguity may have been informed by diplomatic caution or by the simple fact that, like everyone beyond Kim’s inner circle of advisers, he has no idea. The secrecy that dictates every official pronouncement emanating from North Korea makes it virtually impossible to construct a definitive account of the state of its leadership, including the health of members of the Kim dynasty.