søndag 5. april 2020

Trump put American lives in China's hands

American lives are in China's hands. 

China: A country that the White House has called a "strategic competitor"; a country engaged in active influence operations against us; a country the State Department describes as an authoritarian state that engages in gross human rights abuses; a country that the White House said has "consistently taken advantage of the US economy"; a country whose leadership Secretary of State Mike Pompeo described as a "substantial threat to our health and way of life"; a country Trump administration officials are blaming for covering up the truth about the coronavirus outbreak.

China: The country the United States is relying on to supply equipment to save American lives.
In a perverse -- and avoidable -- twist of fate, the country that was arguably responsible for the virus' spread because of its attempts to cover up the initial outbreak is now the one best positioned to profit from its fatal impact.

The US intelligence community has warned that China is intent on expanding its global economic reach. Now, as the epicenter of the pandemic has shifted to the United States with more than 300,000 confirmed cases of Covid-19 as of April 4, Trump's lack of preparation has given China an opening to expand that reach quickly.