søndag 5. april 2020

Tibetans Cautious as Virus Restrictions Ease in Some Areas

A lift of restrictions blocking the spread of COVID-19 in Tibetan areas of China is bringing more people out into the streets, but is raising concerns that the worst of the pandemic may not yet be over, Tibetan sources say. In Tibet’s regional capital Lhasa, the city’s Buddhist Association announced on March 30 that 214 monasteries, temples, and other places of worship in areas outside the city will now reopen, though visitors will be required to wear face masks and have their temperature checked at the gate, according to a report by Tibet’s official Tibet Daily newspaper.

Major religious sites in and near Lhasa including the central Jokhang temple and the Drepung, Sera, Ganden, and Tsurphu monasteries remain closed, however, the Tibet Daily report said. Meanwhile, schools, restaurants, and shops have begun to reopen in Lhasa, sources in the city said, following what officials have called a successful containment and control of the spread of the virus in the area.